The Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop

We've designed a different kind of motorcycle training workshop. It's not a track school. It's not about speed or large classes. It's all about practical techniques that you can immediately apply in the real-world. It's motorcycle training that put's it all together and takes your skills to the next level. We based it on professional knowledge gained from 50+ years of riding — all distilled into a one-day, comprehensive workshop. We'll show you proven skill-building techniques. Then you'll immediately put them to work. And throughout the day, we'll give you personalized feedback on your performance.

We feature:

dingbat   A maximum of four riders per instructor on the track.
dingbat   Knowledgeable and well-respected training professionals.
dingbat   Braking, cornering and swerving drills on the practice pad.
dingbat   Instruction on your own touring, sports-touring, cruiser or sport bike.
dingbat   A secure, closed-circuit track designed to simulate a real-world mountain highway.

How you'll benefit:

dingbat   Gain confidence and precision in the corners.
dingbat   Learn the principles of traction management.
dingbat   Refine your cornering, braking and swerving skills.
dingbat   Polish your technique with personalized coaching.
dingbat   Understand the whys and hows of motorcycle handling dynamics.

Saturday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm: October 24, 2015. Special dates can be arranged for Riding Clubs & Groups. Call (951) 549-1717 for group details. Additional dates will be added as needed. 2015 is filling quickly. Enroll today!

You'll see it as soon as you enter the famed Willow Springs International Motorsports Park at Rosamond, California. Up on the hillside. It's the one-of-a-kind Horse Thief Mile. It rides like a mountain highway — only better. No automobiles or trucks. The perfect "real-world" closed-course to hone your cornering techniques until they become second nature. It's your own personal highway.

$390.00 includes all track fees, lunch, refreshments and snacks plus a maximum of 40 students per workshop with 4 riders maximum per instructor for individualized instruction. There is a 20% discount for groups of 4 or more (may not be combined with any other promotions). All ROK Permium Members qualify for a 20% discount. Gift Certificates are available! Yes, all makes & models of bikes are welcome including sport bikes!

Precision Cornering
The perfect "real-world" track to hone your cornering techniques until they become second nature. It's your own personal highway.

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