Our Grads

"I am especially grateful for the personal 'one on one' instruction...all of the instructors were expert at both the subject and how to convey information in a systematic manner. It was a great but challenging experience for me and I am referring everybody I know on two wheels."
— Harry Thomas, Port Hadlock, WA

"It was great the see the variety of bikes and riders taking the class. Just goes to show that we all can use the occasional brush up of our riding skills. Your instructors were very good and it was a lot of fun to practice on a track dedicated to our class."
— Jennie Benson, Highlands Ranch, CO

"This was a very worthwhile experience for me with the workshop being taught by an elite group of professionals. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone."
— Randall Fincher, Cassville, MO

"When I rode away from the Streetmasters workshop, I was much more confident that I had my bike at the right speed, in the right gear and in the best position for different types of turns and conditions. All the instructors were excellent, and the course was very efficient and fun!"
— Brad Wheeler, Allentown, PA

"I rode my Vulcan Nomad 2,000 miles to attend Streetmasters Workshop. The staff and curriculum were outstanding, and the skills and strategies I acquired in that one day have made my touring so much safer and more enjoyable. The cornering skills I learned there have already saved my life a couple of times. Even experienced riders will find the course pleasantly challenging yet loads of FUN! I envy those who live close enough to enroll in Streetmasters every year."
— Skip Harrison, Mandeville, LA

"The Streetmasters Workshop taught me more about cornering in one day than I learned in 30 years of street riding. I plan to come back every two years for more!"
— Dennis Duncan, Yorba Linda, CA

"...Riding became simpler and easier, especially during rides in the mountains. The curves were just not a big deal any longer."
— Tom Kelly, Mission Viejo, CA

"I think the Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshop…provides personally-tailored instruction from the finest and most experienced instructors imaginable."
— Peter Black, Orange, CA

"I was in the very first Streetmasters class at the Willow Springs Track. It was a day of riding that I will not forget…The race track had curves and some pretty steep hills to deal with that put (us) in a lot of varying situations that we meet on the real road, but we were able to deal with them without having to deal with traffic…All in all, it was a very good work out, not for the beginner, but for someone that has ridden and wants to sharpen their skills. Money well spent and time well spent."
— Carl Corwin, Pismo Beach, CA

"My goal was to be safer, faster and more comfortable…I learned how to stop quicker and smoother (not part of my goal but I sure needed it.)…I learned how to navigate curves. I now LOOK THROUGH THE CURVE…This added significantly to my control and safety and probably has resulted in a total quicker curve. Per you guys, if I don't practice what I learned, I will probably lose it in a few months. So I practice constantly on most every stop and turn I make (daily). I have made it a mind game…And most importantly, I now have the tools to further develop these skills. No way will I stop the mind games and concentrating on every turn and curve. I got my $ worth + and you guys were just too cool."
— Bruce Friesen, Laguna Hills, CA

Experienced motorcycle riders and well-respected training professionals
All touring, sport-touring, cruiser & sport bike riders are welcome!

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