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"Any touring or cruising riders…would be well-advised to consider taking this workshop…the main focus is to teach the street rider how best to approach the curves in the asphalt. Whether on the backroads of the Appalachian Mountains or along the narrow, winding stretches of California's Pacific Coast Highway, proficiency in cornering is critical. The safest place to learn these skills is at a place like the new Horse Thief Mile…up and down and twist around. Good fun!" ...more
— Clement Salvadori, Rider

"When I was invited to attend the inaugural Streetmasters Motorcyle Workshop...I jumped at the chance…obviously the changes suggested were tailored specifically to each individual rider but the emphasis was never on speed, rather on smoothness and efficiency…As far as I know, there has never before been training at this level for touring riders, and it is sorely needed. ...more
— Mike Douglas with Fred Rau, Motorcycle Consumer News

"Suddenly after over 35 years and a million-plus miles in the saddle, in one short day I had become a much superior rider, attaining a skill level I had previously convinced myself I would never reach. It was a true epiphany…I could ride through the curves so much faster than before because I was doing it so smoothly and effortlessly that it came as natural as walking…I highly recommend the Streetmasters Workshop…What have you got to lose? And maybe, just maybe, you'll be lucky enough to experience a motorcycle epiphany of your own." ...more (Friction Zone) and more (Wing World)
— Fred Rau, Wing World & Friction Zone

Experienced motorcycle riders and well-respected training professionals
All touring, sport-touring, cruiser & sport bike riders are welcome!

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