SLO Reunion Central Coast Rides for Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Saturday, April 27th, we have many different routes and destinations… It will be up to you to decide what you want to do and where you want to go.

We have created links to maps that you can print or load onto your GPS. At the end of each trip's description there will be a "Map Link" that will take you to that map. When you check in at the Reunion on Friday, we will have a limited number of printed route directions available.

Destination Rides – there are many things to see and do on the Central Coast. Two of the most well-known are Hearst Castle and the Solvang Motorcycle Museum (both of these venues will have admission fees and Hearst Castle will need advance reservations – these you need to do yourself). For you burger aficionados, we'll also have a route to the famous Jalama Burgers. More direct routes are provided so that you can spend more time at the destination. Depending on how much time you spend at your destination, you can take a scenic route on the return trip or “high tail” it back the quickest way.

Self-guided Rides – we have put together many different rides – from short to long, easy and sweeping to twisty, goaty and gnarly – so everyone can find roads that they like. A couple of rides will be challenging due to length and/or due to the number of twisty roads, but most rides will be 2 to 3 ˝ hours of riding time so that you can enjoy the Central Coast at a leisurely pace and stop somewhere along the way for lunch.

Guided Rides – we will select a few of our routes to have Streetmasters staff lead small groups on the rides. Small groups = limited signups. To sign up for one of the rides led by our staff please click on this link.

Here are the rides:

Destination Rides
Hearst Castle An hour's ride up to the Visitor's Center on Hwy 1 allows you a few hours to spend at the Hearst Castle. You must buy a tour to get up to the castle, but once you take your tour, you can wander the grounds until you need to head back to the Reunion. Tour fee is extra. Reservations are recommended. Map Link. 102 miles / 2 hours riding time
Solvang Motorcycle Museum It takes about 1 1/2 hours to ride to Solvang, so we recommend taking a more-direct route so that you can spend a bit of time at the museum and having lunch in Solvang. Admission fee is extra ($10). Map Link. 145 miles / 3 hours 5 minutes riding time
Jalama Burger Run This route to Jalama County Park will take about 2 hours, and will get you to Jalama Beach in time for lunch. There is a fee to get into the county park, but if you tell them you are there for a burger, they will give you a one-hour grace period. Map Link. 168 miles / 3 hours 35 minutes riding time

Self-Guided Rides - Listed shortest to longest
Creston/La Panza Loop A short jaunt on some fun roads. Lunch stop available in Creston. To ride this route counter-clockwise use this Map Link. To ride this route clockwise use this Map Link. 75 miles / 2 hours riding time
Creston/Shell Creek Loop Another short jaunt on some fun roads. Lunch stop available in Creston. To ride this route counter-clockwise use this Map Link. To ride this route clockwise use this Map Link. 98 miles / 2 hours 25 minutes riding time
Creston/Bitterwater Loop The longest of the Creston loops. Lunch stop available in Creston. To ride this route counter-clockwise use this Map Link. To ride this route clockwise use this Map Link. 137 miles / 3 hours 15 minutes riding time
Parkfield Loop Ride to the "Earthquake Capital of California" and have lunch at the Parkfield Cafe. This route has a wide variety of roads, terrain and scenery. If you are a James Dean fan, there is a memorial on Hwy 46 at the Jack Ranch Cafe. Map Link. 136 miles / 3 hours 20 minutes riding time
Cambria Atascadero Creston A shorter version of "Twistie Madness" takes you on some of our favorite roads. Some are goaty and gnarly mountain roads and others are through some beautiful vineyards and farmlands. A lunch stop at Sylvesters Burgers - a local favorite! Map Link. 138 miles / 3 hours 30 minutes riding time
Tepusquet/Foxen Canyon/Los Olivos Sweeping corners to tight switchbacks, mountains to vineyards, this route has that and more. Ride to the cute little burg of Los Olivos where you can wander through the shops and take in some lunch. The route back is mostly Hwy 101 with a fun, short side trip. Map Link. 147 miles / 3 hours 35 minutes riding time
Lockwood/Peach Tree Loop Going further afield, this route has some great scenery as you explore both sides of Hwy 101 north of Paso Robles. There's not much out there for lunch, so you may want to bring your own and picnic along the way. Map Link. 178 miles / 3 hours 40 minutes riding time

MEGA RIDES - These rides are for those of you that want to make miles and not let moss grow under your tires...
Twistie Madness Just as the name of this ride suggests, there are miles and miles of twistie roads, some of them gnarly and goaty, some not quite so. Hours of twisty fun. You may choose to lunch in Cambria or Paso Robles. Map Link. 145 miles / 4 hours 10 minutes riding time
Long Way Around A quick jaunt up 229 "Rossi's Driveway" and then back to Hwy 58 all the way over to Hwy 33. Lunch in McKittrick at the McKittrick Hotel, home of the Penny Bar. Gas in Taft, then on to Hwy 166 back to Hwy 101. Lots of miles and smiles. Map Link. 215 miles / 4 hours 20 minutes riding time
Nacimiento-Ferguson/Hwy 1 Loop Rolling hills, coastal mountains, and beautiful Pacific Coast Hwy - but don't gander at the scenery too long because this trip has many miles to make and some of those miles will be slow going! Be sure that you have your current drivers license, insurance and registration because you may need them to get on the military base for lunch.
Map Link. 182 miles / 4 hours 25 minutes riding time

Guided Rides - we are limiting the number of people for the guided rides. To sign up, use this link and choose your ride. If the ride is "sold out," check with us on Friday to see if any openings are available. See above for descriptions of the rides.
Walt Walt will be leading a group to the Solvang Motorcycle Museum. Walt has a huge knowledge of old bikes and will be happy to share that with you. If this group "sells out," just meet the group at the museum!
Nancy Nancy will be leading a group on the Tepusquet/Foxen Canyon/Los Olivos route. The plan is to spend about 1 1/2 hours in Los Olivos for lunch and shopping.
Steve Steve will be leading the Creston/La Panza Loop ride. Lunch will be at the Loading Chute Restaurant in Creston. This is short route, so a more leisurely lunch may be enjoyed.
Scott Scott will be leading the Creston/Shell Creek Loop ride. Lunch will also be at the Loading Chute Restaurant in Creston.
Rocky Rocky will lead the Cambria Atascadero Creston ride. The lunch stop will be at Sylvesters Burgers - a local favorite!
Doug Doug will be leading our only dual-sport ride. This route is only available to riders who have dual-sport bikes and have combo tires on them. You MUST be comfortable riding on dirt roads. This route may also have a few small water crossings. A short jaunt through the Edna Valley wine area, then traveling partially around Lake Lopez. We’ll turn onto High Mountain road, where in a couple of miles it turns to dirt and the dual sporting begins. Bringing our own lunches, we’ll stop at a scenic viewpoint overseeing Lake Lopez, the five cities and possibly the ocean shore from Guadalupe to Avila. Then down the hill to Pozo where the dirt ends and the asphalt begins, through some beautiful mild twisties and wide valleys to Santa Margarita and back to SLO. Map Link. 76 miles / 4 hours 20 minutes riding time

We've done our best to create the maps for the rides, but with all the different types of GPS units out there, we cannot promise that the gpx file will load exactly as the MapQuest map shows. We suggest that you load your desired route(s) and then check to see that the route is reading properly on your GPS.

Those of you wondering what our definition of a "goat" road is - it's a road that is paved but has some pavement issues and may not have a center line painted on it. We find these are great "less traveled" roads that you need to travel at slower speeds and enjoy the scenery. So you need to allow a little extra time for these routes.

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